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I have great card suggestions. Can I submit them?

Of course you can. You can submit them here.

Can I copy reNOUNed and sell the game on my own?

Absolutely not. We own all trademarks and copyrights of all the components of reNOUNed and you are not allowed to reproduce and sell reNOUNed.

I have a video of us playing the game, how can I submit it?

Tag or DM us on IG, TikTok, Twitter or Facebook at @playreNOUNed!

I'd like to make a bulk purchase or partner with your company, how can I reach out?

Send an email to hello@playrenouned.com and our team will respond within 72hrs.

Where can I purchase reNOUNed?

Here at playreNOUNed.com!

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, no. We're working on it! :)