10 Secrets to Host the Best Game Night Ever

10 Secrets to Host the Best Game Night Ever

So, you're hosting a game night? Here are the Secrets to host the BEST game night ever! 


10. Keep the kids occupied.

If you can, get a babysitter. If not, set up an area where the kids will be occupied and only need you to take them to the bathroom or have a snack here and there. You want to be indulged in the game night experience as much as possible. Even though we love them, kids can get in the way of an immersive game night experience.

9. Have a theme. 

Masquerade, the 70’s, Under the Sea, the list goes on! Have your attendees dress according to theme, take pictures/videos, create a hashtag and post the pictures and videos to all the platforms on the innanets! You can find more game night themes here.

8. Have decorations. 

Have decorations according to the theme. If the theme is Under the Sea… have fish, water and mermaid decorations. Set up a backdrop with props where your guests can take pictures and make fun Tiky Toky’s.

7. Have an entry fee.

Have your guests pay an entry fee to participate in the game night. Use the cash to give to the next game night host to help pay for the decorations, food and other items for the game night Doing this also ensures that the next game night happens because people already paid towards it! 

6. Have a card game.

You want to appease your guests as much as possible and having a variety of games can do that. A card game like reNOUNed is family friendly, 5-star rated, can be played with just a few to several players and combines trivia, improv and nostalgia, so it’s the PERFECT game for game nights and is guaranteed to make your game night unforgettable! Click HERE to secure your copy of reNOUNed!

5. Have homemade games.

Homemade games such as flip cup tic-tac-toe is always a hit! You need painters tape and Dixie cups. Use the tape to make a tic-tac-toe board, then each player must flip the cup right side up in order to place their cup on the board. First player with three cups in a row wins! Click here for more homemade games.

4. Have simple yet on-theme food.

Simple finger foods are the best for game nights! Walking tacos, pigs in a blanket, buffalo cauliflower bites, quiche, crockpot meat balls, etc… Take it up a notch and have some of the foods match the game night theme. Going along with the Under the Sea theme, have cupcakes with blue icing, Swedish fish and shrimp cocktail. Click here for must have food and snacks for your next game night! 

3. Keep the drinks flowing. 

With all the laughing, thinking and eating you and your guests will be doing, you need to keep the drinks flowing! Have the drinks whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic adhere to the theme for the best experience. With the Under the Sea Theme, you can have fish bowls as the “drink” of the night. 

2. Have music bumping the entire time. 

Have music playing in the background during the entire game night. In between games, when your guests are eating, or guests who may not be playing games at the time can be jamming to some good music. Add these songs selected by reNOUNed to your game night playlist to keep the vibrations high!

1. Have prizes for the winners.

You want your game night to be the one that your guests will be talking about for weeks? Months?... Have prizes for winners of the games! People love gift cards: Target, Amazon, Whole Foods, the list goes on! Check out this list of the best prizes for game night winners.


So now what? Create your guest list, come up with a theme, purchase your copy of reNOUNed and get ready for the best game night of your life!

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