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My name is Shannon and I’m the creator of reNOUNed! Keep reading to hear how reNOUNed came about…

It’s 2020 and I’m listening to the Earn Your Leisure podcast episode where Chantel Calloway broke down how she created her card game from start to finish. I became super excited after listening to the episode and I thought, “I’m creative! I love games! I can create a card game!”, and I got busy!

Then I took a break...
I’m a naturally creative person. I draw, I do ceramics, I paint and more… So creating a game is right up my alley. I hopped on my computer and started writing funny and challenging prompts! I created 100 cards, came up with the name reNOUNed, then I became pregnant with my second child and I shifted my priorities to having a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Fast forward to 2022...
I experienced life-altering personal and professional events and I had no choice but to indulge in People, Places and Things that made me smile, laugh and just feel good! So I spent time with my friends(People) again, I traveled to places that brought me joy and I returned to further developing reNOUNed(Things) because creating reNOUNed was the best stress-reliever that I have ever had!

The final version of reNOUNed was finished!

I play-tested reNOUNed with my family(they’re from NY/NJ so they don't hold back), friends, strangers and everybody loved the game! I made some tweaks, designed the game box and now reNOUNed is available for you!

reNOUNed is the only card game
that combines improv, trivia and nostalgia, to test your wit about People, Places and Things! It’s simple. Roll the dice, grab the matching card and answer the card as best as you can, to earn the most crowns before time runs out! Collect the most crowns by the end of the game to be CROWNED reNOUNed!

FUN FACT! 97% of cards in reNOUNed have endless answer possibilities where you can play the same card over 20x and never repeat an answer! Because of this, reNOUNed has the honor of being acknowledged as a LIFETIME GAME!

reNOUNed donates a percentage of profits to youth and elderly focused NPO's and programs across America! #PayItForward #PayItBack

So if you're looking for a hilarious, challenging and unique way to bring family, friends and strangers together in laughter, then secure your copy of reNOUNed now!

Will you be CROWNED reNOUNed? Let’s seee… Ready! Set! Play!